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ZODE Website

The main ZODE tool is the responsive ZODE website. Here, you have access to the full ZODE experience and can shorten or expand URLs and text, view your ZODE history, and more!

There are several methods provided to you to access shortened URLs and text, including a QR code that can be scanned using the camera app on most smartphones, a short-code that you can enter on the ZODE website or browser extension, and a short-link that you can easily share with others.

The ZODE website is accessible at https://zode.co.

ZODE URL QuickAdd Browser Extension

Available to Chromium-based web browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge 79+, Opera) and Mozilla Firefox

The ZODE URL QuickAdd browser extension integrates ZODE into your web browser, providing the following functionality:

  • allowing you to quickly and conveniently shorten up to 16 of your open tabs with just a few clicks
  • directly opening all URLs from an expanded URL collection into their own tabs
  • allowing you to expand a ZODE code by typing it directly into your browser's address bar
You can install the ZODE URL QuickAdd browser extension from the Chrome Web Store (Chromium browsers) or AMO (Mozilla Firefox).

ZODE URL QuickAdd Bookmarklet

The ZODE URL QuickAdd Bookmarklet allows you to add any webpage you're viewing to your draft URL collection (or shorten it immediately) with just a single click! If you are on a desktop device, simply drag this link (ZODE URL QuickAdd) to your Bookmarks Bar, and you're ready to use it whenever you need.

For mobile devices, installing the bookmarklet is a little more complex:

  1. Copy the Bookmarklet link at the bottom of this page
  2. Add this page (the page you are viewing right now) to your bookmarks
  3. Find the bookmark that you just created and click 'Edit' ('Edit' may appear at the top or bottom of the Bookmarks screen)
  4. Change the name of the bookmark to 'ZODE URL QuickAdd'
  5. Delete everything in the URL section of the bookmark
  6. Paste the link you copied in Step 1 into the URL section of the bookmark
  7. Save the modified bookmark

If you need any help adding the ZODE URL QuickAdd Bookmarklet to your mobile browser, please contact support@zode.co.

Bookmarklet link: